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Meadowbrook PTO Committees

Art Show
Chair:   Jocelyn Garner

This Spring family event brings the entire Meadowbrook community together to celebrate the end of the school year in May.  The Art Fair offers a variety of artistic activities, and student artwork is on display.  It is also combined with the Ice Cream Social/Family Picnic!

Chair:   Marie Scholl

Before the start of school, this committee solicits/coordinates bus and playground volunteers for the first two days of school.  You will also order supplies and make buttons for new students, kindergarteners, new teachers and volunteers, organize a welcome mailing for new students and kindergarteners and contact 5th graders who assist new students.  Time Commitment: This role requires several hours of planning and organizing over the summer. Your job is done after the first two days of school.

Birthday Signs
Chair:   Chairs Needed

This committee distributes signs in front yards of families who order birthday celebration signs.  This is a PTO fundraiser.  

Block Parents - Health & Safety
Chair:   Dawn Dillon

Block parents are volunteers who are home most days when students are going to and from school and are available to help a student should a problem arise.  

Book Fair
Chair:   Lisa Kramer, Mara Lappin, Julie Shaw, Julie Weinberg, Shelley Myers, Jill Briskman, Paige Wenk, Jocelyn Cohen, Jenn Loewy, Debby Beerman

Organize and run the Fall and Spring Book Fairs.

Box Tops/Labels
Chair:   Carrie Winkler

Promote Box Top program and submit box tops for reimbursement.

Chair:   Chair Needed

Plans and implements one or more activities that raise environmental awareness, respect, and preservation.

Fall Fest
Chair:   Alma Dynia, Caryn Chalmers

Plan a family event to kick off the school year.

Field Day Lunch
Chair:   Randi LeBoyer

Organize PTO Field Day Lunch for students and staff.


Fifth Grade Breakfast & Awards
Chair:   Caryn Chalmers, Katie Antesberger

Plan and organize the June breakfast for Meadowbrook’s 5th grade graduating class. Plan and organize the June awards assembly with school administration and 5th grade teachers.

Fifth Grade Yearbook
Chair:   Jinny Hyun, Rhea Saffar

Work with publisher to organize and print the 5th grade yearbook. The yearbook is exclusive to the 5th grade class, and as such, a special and unique keepsake.

Food & Allergy Committee
Chair:   Debby Beerman & Carrie Winkler

The Food & Allergy Committee is responsible for coordinating food for holiday classroom parties (Halloween, Winter, Valentine's Day.)  This committee will also serve as a source of information for families with children with allergies and will be a liaison between the school and these families.

General Volunteer Pool
Chair:   Susan Mathein

Want to be helpful? Join the General Volunteer Pool.  The Chair will reach out to this group whenever volunteer opportunities are available throughout the school year.

Gift Card Plus
Chair:   Liz Erlich, Jessica Badgley

Distribute order forms, collect and submit payments, and distribute orders at Meadowbrook.

Chair:   Debby Beerman, Jocelyn Cohen

Gather information from teachers and staff to determine a "wish list" and create a spending plan for excess PTO funds.  Time Commitment: this committee will meet several times a year, generally during the day when meetings with teachers and staff are necessary.

HOH 5k Walk/Run and Fun Run
Chair:   Chairs Needed

Attend HOH 5K District meetings and help plan and facilitate the annual Homer O. Harvey 5K walk/run to raise money for the HOH scholarship Fund. 

Chair:   Randi LaBoyer, Kris Izenstark

Organize PTO special events as scheduled, including: Staff/Room Parent Luncheon, Holiday Staff Lunch, conference evenings, and Field Day Lunch. Committee members are needed to help at events with set-up and serving. Cooking is not required.

Ice Cream Social & Family Picnic
Chair:   Tracy Link, Paige Wenk

The Ice Cream Social & Family Picnic is a fun-filled evening for families to purchase ice cream and dinner items from a local vendor and picnic with friends on the Meadowbrook lawn.  The event also features an ice cream sundae stand, DJ, dancing and games for all! This event is combined witht the Art Show.

Library Assistant Coordinator
Chair:   Jenny Marta

Schedule volunteers to help librarians shelve books and materials in the library. 

Meadowbrooklet Editor & Designer
Chair:   Julie Weinberg(editor), Jinny Hung(designer)

Editor & Designer work with PTO President to produce the Back-To-School Meadowbrooklet Newsletter. 

New Family Liaisons
Chair:   Cindy Miller, Dawn Dillon, Liz Gan

Contact and welcome families into Meadowbrook, and connect them with relevant PTO committees and contacts. Organize volunteers to help distribute and pick up welcome signs in front yards of new Meadowbrook students.

Pizza Day
Chair:   Debby Beerman, Donna Sabin

PTO Volunteers serve NY Slices pizza for lunch periods on the first Wednesday in school of every month.

PTO Executive Board
Chair:   President - Julie Weinberg

The Executive Board coordinates the activities sponsored by the PTO.  

President:  Julie Weinberg julieweinberg@me.com

Vice President: Susan Mathein chaldine@yahoo.com 

VP Fundraising: Julie Shaw juliecshaw@yahoo.com

VP Room Parents: Jenn Loewy jennifer.loewy@gmail.com

VP Programs: Lisa Raju champandlisa@msn.com

Recording Secretary: Lorena Stevenson lfunes57@yahoo.com 

Communications Secretary: Caroline Margolis cmargolis6@yahoo.com 

Treasurer: Esin Izat Tumturk esinizat@hotmail.com

Website Coordinator: Paula Kolar paulagkolar@gmail.com


PTO Store
Chair:   Paula Kolar

Coordinate, order, and sell Meadowbrook school clothing & accessories at events throughout the school year.

Project RED
Chair:   Liz Wang, Karyn Tefka

Project RED is a year-long effort to teach students to "Respect Everyone's Differences." Activities include signing the RED Pledge, painting Kindness Rocks with buddy classes, and a special presentation in the spring.

School Supplies
Chair:   Rhea Saffar

Pre-assembled school supply kits are ordered in the Spring for the following school year and are delivered to classrooms for “Meet Your Teacher Day” in the Fall.  The Chair of this committee spends time in the Spring creating school supplies lists with the teachers, sending out information to families about placing orders and inputting the orders. In the Fall, you will need 2-5 hours to help deliver the school supplies to the classrooms.  Time Commitment: This role requires half a day in the Fall and approximately 10 hours throughout the Spring.

Science Fair
Chair:   Caryn Chalmers, Aileen Porta

Support the science department in organizing and promoting the Science Fair, a one-day event, held on a Wednesday evening in March. No specific science expertise is required of volunteers.

Chair:   Chairs Needed

Schedule and coordinate displays with PTO committees and school staff for the main hall showcase throughout the school year. The showcase is used to publicize upcoming events, highlight existing programs and school/classroom activities.

Sister School in Kenya
Chair:   Chair Needed

This Committee Chair will be a liaison between the Meadowbrook community and the District 28 PTO Committee for the District's Sister School in Kenya.

Special Lunch
Chair:   Mara Lappin, Aileen Porta, Carrie Winkler, Emily Kooistra

Marla’s School Lunch Program is available on most Mondays and Fridays. Multiple menu items are available from local vendors and Marla’s Kitchen. Orders can be placed by parents online weekly, monthly or for half of the year. Changes, cancelations and edits can be made though out the year.  Place your students order by 9 am on Tuesday each week for the following week’s lunch.


Story Reader K - 1st grade
Chair:   Jenn Loewy

Parents are scheduled to read stories in their children’s kindergarten through first grade classrooms.  The PTO coordinates the volunteers and schedules with each classroom. Pick out your child's favorite books and read out loud. The students love visitors! :)

Staff Holiday Breakfast
Chair:   Liz Wang, Caroline Margolis, Jenn Loewy

Plan and organize the teacher and staff breakfast during the week before Winter Break. Parent volunteers donate breakfast items and drop them off at school the morning of.

Teacher Appreciation Week
Chair:   Liz Abrams, Jocelyn Cohen, Emily Kooistra

Plan and organize the teacher and staff breakfast and luncheon in May.

Website Manager
Chair:   Paula Kolar

Manage PTO website throughout the school year.  This includes updating events, setting alerts, adding items to the calendar, setting up "items for sale" and more.  Time Commitment: This position requires your time throughout the school year.

Winter Bash (Parents' Night Out)
Chair:   Jamie Grumet

Organize and plan a night out for parents in January.

D 28 Board of Education
Chair:   Board President Tracy Katz Muhl, Vice President Tony Forchetti, Carol Currie, Lou Gross, Jennifer Gallinson, Michael Gilmor, Michelle Kohler and Superintendent Dr. Larry Hewitt, who serves as Secretary

The most common board actions include approval of policies for the operation of the schools, employment of staff, adopting and monitoring the annual budget, adopting the annual tax levy, authorizing curriculum development, and providing general direction.

Board Briefs is an overview of the meeting's main topics and is published after each meeting. Read the most recent edition. | Access an archive of Board Briefs.

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Agendas are available 48 hours prior to meetings. View All

Minutes from regular meetings will be posted after they have been approved. View All

Music Education
Chair:   See Staff for Music Teachers

NAMM 2017 award

For the third year in a row, Northbrook District 28 received the Best Communities for Music Education award by the National Association of Music Merchants. 

The purpose of music education is to engage students in performing, creating and responding through music. Music education is a vehicle to learning the joy of sharing and making music with others, and a source of inspiration and enthusiasm for individual growth. Appreciation and involvement in music is a lifelong process. Orchestra begins in third grade and band begins in fourth grade.

Enduring Understandings

Students will understand...
• that music connects lives.
• that music has a role in the human experience of all cultures.
• that music is a language common to people and cultures everywhere.
• that music has an intrinsic ability to affect emotion in people.
• that music is an integral aspect of the human experience and a part of every society and culture on our planet.
• that learning to perform on a musical instrument at an early age can enhance lifelong learning.

The school district recognizes that a private / semi-private lesson approach is the best format to reach this goal, and this is the primary component of the program.

Orchestra instruments are available to students in grades 3-8 and Band instruments are available to students in grades 4-8.

Choral Music - Elementary Level

The study of choral music is incorporated into the general music program in all of the elementary schools. All students are offered the opportunity to participate in and experience choral music and performing during the Winter Sing. Each elementary school produces an age-appropriate musical during the spring.

Music Parents Club
Chair:   Sarah Leverenz President, Music Parents Club - Emily Sobel, Secretary - Missy Brown, Treasurer - Abe Reese, Ways and Means - Josee Wilson - Shana Glazer, Hospitality

The Music Parents Club is comprised of music directors, district administrators, and parents of music students. 
Our mission is to promote and maintain an enthusiastic interest in, and provide financial enhancement to, the music curriculum established and managed by the administrators and music faculty of District 28.  Find out how we accomplish this.

Fall Wreath and Coffee Salewreath

The club's annual fund-raiser is the Wreath and Coffee sale. In 2017, orders can be placed from Sept. 11 to Oct. 6. 

Order pickup will be held at Village Green Admin. Center from 2 to 6 p.m. Nov. 14-16. 

For more information, contact Abe Reese or Josee Wilson.

The Music Parents Club also puts out a newsletter called Musical Notes. View Most Recent Newsletter | View All 


        RED Bracelets

This month Project RED distributed "Respect Each Difference" bracelets to all Meadowbrook Students. Suggested donations of $1 were collected. Student donations are being collected for CCA. We will continue to raise funds for this great cause. Thank you for your support of this important organization!


Project RED

RED Logo

This month, Project RED added "We're All Wonders" to Classroom Kindness Baskets.